What It Means When Your Dog’s Fur Is Pelted

Pelted Fur Buffalo Dog Grooming

What It Means When Your Dog’s Fur Is Pelted

Pelted Fur Buffalo Dog Grooming

Grooming your dog to prevent pelted fur is one of the main tasks that comes with having a dog with medium to long fur. To maintain the health of the skin and coat, this goes beyond the occasional bath and includes frequent brushing and trims. But what occurs if that section is skipped over?

If you don’t routinely brush and comb your medium- to long-haired dog, their coat may become pelted. Pelting produces fur that is at best unpleasant and at worst highly painful. In order to help the dog cool off, it can split the skin and prevent air from entering. Pelted fur is an indication of a dog’s neglect and cruelty, but some people are unaware of how widespread the issue has grown.

What To Do With Pelted Dog Fur

What Is Pelting?

When a dog’s fur becomes so matted and knotted that it must be removed in one piece, it is said to be pelted. Additionally, it drags on the skin and prevents airflow. If the pelting is severe enough, fleas and ticks may become stuck, making flea treatments useless.

Additionally, if the pelting is not done properly, the skin may rip and develop diseases that cannot be treated through the fur because they are not visible. If not treated appropriately or as soon as it is identified, this illness could become dangerous.

How Can I Fix Pelted Fur?

Pelting has the drawback that you must take your dog to the vet or a groomer to have this issue resolved. You should visit a veterinarian, not a groomer, if the skin is damaged or is so painful and tight that the dog will need to be sedated.

However, if the pelting is just mildly severe, a knowledgeable and skilled dog groomer will be able to address the situation without any problems. We do not advise you to tackle this on your own.

There will very certainly be unpleasant parts, even in the best case scenario. Your dog might bite you out of fear. Alternately, you can accidentally nick your dog and make it harder for the groomer later.

How To Prevent Pelted Fur

It’s crucial that this doesn’t happen again once your dog has seen a groomer or a veterinarian to have the pelt removed. More than one could be labeled negligence; one is an accident that the owner missed.

It is really simple to avoid this issue. All you have to do is give your dog a quick brushing every few days or have a professional groom the dog frequently. Regular grooming at your neighborhood dog groomer will help to ensure that pelting never occurs again.

Make sure you are regularly brushing and bathing your dog, though, if you don’t want to take it to the groomer often.

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