The Dangers of Matted Fur and What To Do About It

The Dangers Of Matted Fur & What To Do About It

The Dangers of Matted Fur and What To Do About It

The Dangers Of Matted Fur & What To Do About It

Inadequate grooming of a pet’s coat can result in matted fur. A lot of tangles and knots will be seen throughout your pet’s fur, more frequently in longhaired cats and dogs. Not only are these tangles and knots unsightly, but they could also endanger your pet. We’ll discuss the risks of matted fur in this post, along with solutions.

The Danger of Matted Fur

1.) It Can Make Your Pet Sick

Because matted hair prevents the skin from breathing, moisture is trapped. This creates a welcoming environment for bacteria to grow and cause several health issues for your pet. In addition, insects or fleas may hide under pelted fur where it is warmer, making it more difficult to detect them on your pet.

The severity of the problem may also depend on where the tangles are located. For instance, they may even result in potentially fatal infections if they cluster near the eyes, ears, or mouth.

2.) It Can Affect Your Dog’s Ears

Take your dog to the groomer as soon as possible if there are tangles or knots around their ears. The blood vessels on the tips of the ears might burst as a result of matted fur in this area, which can be extremely painful for the dog.

The dog’s ears may probably start to bleed when they are shaved if you wait too long because the groomer will have to cut the fur much closer to the skin. This may cause your dog further suffering.

They Can Excessively Scratch Their Skin

Your dogs or cats will certainly try to groom themselves because they can feel the matted fur, but they usually won’t be able to. If their nails become trapped on the mats, this can cause them to scratch these regions excessively, sometimes to the point where the skin tears.

For recovery in these situations, your pet might require stickers and antibiotics.

Their Behavior May Change

Even while pets can’t see things as well as people do, they can still sense when something is wrong, and as a result, their behavior may change. In particular near the mats, both cats and dogs may become more hostile and refuse to allow anyone to touch them.

What Can Be Done About Matted Fur?

It’s crucial to properly and frequently groom your pet if it has long hair. Your cat or dog’s breed and the type of fur they have will generally determine how frequently you need to groom them, but your veterinarian may give you further advice on how to do it properly.

You could also wish to take your pet to a qualified groomer. Shorthaired pet owners can typically do most grooming tasks on their own, but a more skilled hand may be required for your cat’s or dog’s long hair.

The staff at Paws & Unwind’s dog grooming spa is happy to assist you if you need it. Contact us online or give us a call at (716) 449-0056.

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