Puppy Biting and How To Stop It

How To Stop Puppy Biting

Puppy Biting and How To Stop It

How To Stop Puppy Biting

Puppy biting is a frequent problem that many people face when it comes to training dogs. Sure, it’s adorable to see them nibble on your fingers, but how can you know what’s normal and what might be a sign of something more serious? Everything you need to know about puppy biting and how to prevent it is provided here.

Questions About Puppy Biting

Is Puppy Biting Normal?

Absolutely. Puppies use their mouths to explore the world, and much like humans, they go through a teething process that increases their desire to chew. Typically, they engage in sibling play to satisfy this urge, using their teeth to elicit play or attract attention. The urge to bite persists if the pup has no nearby siblings.

How Can You Tell The Difference Between Play & Attack?

Does your puppy’s biting indicate rising aggression or is it just a natural stage of development? Well, generally speaking, if they’re biting, you should be worried if:

  • Someone approaches their food and water resources;
  • They snarl and possibly stiffen before biting the individual;
  • They bark, growl, or attack strangers without being playful;
  • Overall, their demeanor doesn’t seem fun.

What Should You Do To Stop The Biting?

First, it’s important to talk about what you shouldn’t do. Puppies can get carried away when they’re playing, and you may be seeing some signs of aggression when there is none. Some things to absolutely never do can include:

  • Physical punishment
  • Muzzling them
  • Locking them in a room
  • Pinning them on their backs, etc.

These corporal punishments can be incredibly harsh in addition to being ineffectual. They can incite hostility and serve as a springboard for the formation of some extremely harmful behaviors.

Instead, follow these instructions to stop your dog from biting:

  • Ignore the behavior and leave the area as soon as the dog begins to bite. The dog will eventually understand that certain activity won’t garner your interest;
  • When the puppy is biting, keep your cool and don’t yell or reprimand them. Show them the end of the game in a calm manner;
  • Take a break; if they attempt to provoke you (which they very certainly will), go somewhere your dog cannot access. This just implies that you leave your dog in their room, not that you lock them somewhere. If they still bite when you go back, repeat this step;
  • Give the dog praise; always acknowledge positive behavior. The most effective method for teaching pups is positive reinforcement!
  • Be consistent; everyone in the home needs to understand this aspect of the dog’s training. The dog may become confused if you follow all the rules but the children promote biting.

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