How To Desensitize Your Dog To PPE

Desensitize Your Dog To PPE Face Masks

How To Desensitize Your Dog To PPE

Desensitize Your Dog To PPE Face Masks

How do I wean my dog off PPE? PPE, or personal protective equipment, is widely used nowadays. Citizens are now required to wear PPE when they leave the house in the majority of states, cities, and even nations. There is a good chance that people will still be wearing it even if you reside in a city where it is not required.

The PPE has been difficult for all of us to adapt to, and some of us are still unimpressed. What about your dog, though? They must be struggling with adjustment as well. Protecting their person is difficult when everyone appears to be a bandit. The worst part is that you also appear to be a bandit.

Desensitizing Your Dog To PPE

When people, including you, are wearing PPE, your dog is probably always agitated and on high alert. While you and your dog may experience some intense emotions as a result of this, there are things you can take to support their adjustment.

Leave Masks & Gloves Out

By placing the equipment out where your dog can see it, you can start to normalize PPE for them. This may sound very elementary, but it’s a good approach to normalize the situation. Give your dog a reward and some praise when they take a look.

Do this each time you notice them glancing toward your PPE. This will enable them to connect the mask, shield, and gloves with something great, like food.

Show PPE To Your Dog

It will be time for the next step once your dog can gaze in the direction of your PPE without barking or bolting for the hills. Here, you hold the PPE out to your dog while holding it in your hand. Give your dog a treat each time they come close to or remain in the vicinity of the PPE.

It will take some time to desensitize your dog to PPE, but with each step you complete successfully, you can advance. You’ll be able to take your dog on stress-free walks after they are comfortable with you holding the PPE and demonstrating it to them.

Targeting PPE

Start giving your dog treats right away for approaching your mask, gloves, and shield. Give them a tasty treat as a reward each time they come over to smell or take a good look. Anything related to a dog’s favorite snack is a hit with them.

Start Wearing Your Gear

You can start wearing your PPE around your dog once the first four steps have been properly performed. The process will take a little bit longer. You will treat your dog as you put on each piece of equipment.

If they appear to have no issues with you wearing the PPE, keep it on as you carry out your typical household duties for a short while. Giving your dog a puzzle or Kong treat toy at this time would be appropriate. To get them used to it, you might have to do this every day for two or three days.

Reward Your Puppy

If you live in a busy neighborhood and have a good porch, you can sit there. If not, find a good position on a seat in a park. But the most important thing is to always praise your dog when you see someone wearing PPE. Numerous outcomes are possible with this.

Your dog either performs it without blinking, becomes uneasy and tries to retreat, or goes into full-on panic mode. You should allow your dog to stop or back up if necessary. Don’t push through and make it worse. It could be necessary to start out slow and work your way up.

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