How To Choose A Doggy Daycare

Doggy Daycare Buffalo, NY

How To Choose A Doggy Daycare

Doggy Daycare Buffalo, NY

The popularity of doggy daycare is at an all-time high! Daycare gives owners peace of mind while they’re at work by giving dogs plenty of opportunities to play, exercise, socialize, and groom themselves. We all like cuddling, resting, and going for walks with our closest friend, but dogs flourish when they are given new experiences.

Choosing A Doggy Daycare

Allow your dog to visit new areas, mingle with other dogs, and benefit from the mental and physical stimulation of dog daycare.

Benefits of Doggy Daycare

You are the best person to decide whether or not doggie daycare is good for your dog. Every dog has their own personality, comfort zones, and preferences, much like people. Check out the following advantages of doggie daycare to see whether it’s a suitable fit for you:

  • Reduces the amount of time your dog spends alone at home, which can lead to separation anxiety and behavioral problems.
  • Allows for lots of supervised exercise and playtime, resulting in a weary and content dog when the two of you get home at the end of a long day.
  • No need to hire dog sitters or dog walkers because there are no strangers in your home or around your dog.
  • Your dog will benefit from being in a positive environment that rewards good behavior and provides plenty of attention.

What to Look for in a Daycare Facility

Make sure to look into local doggie daycare options both online and in person. Read customer reviews, get referrals from friends and family, and speak with employees over the phone. After that, pay a visit to the institution to do a personal assessment. Consider the following, in addition to how the staff treats you and interacts with the dogs:

  • What kind of vibe does it give off?
  • Does it seem and smell clean and well-maintained?
  • Do the dogs appear to be in good spirits?
  • What security features are available? Determine the check-in/check-out procedure, for example. Is there good fence in place?
  • Is there anything that could cause a hazard, such as broken or unclean toys, exposed electrical outlets, or frayed wires?
  • Is the staff-to-dog ratio appropriate?

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Plan on asking key questions during your visit after you’ve checked all the following details. Remember that your dog will be in doggie daycare for several hours, and you want to know that he will be safe.

  1. What kind of education and certificates are required of the employees? Staff members should have a basic understanding of protection and care. It is excellent, however, if they are trained to recognize canine body language and how to respond appropriately in the event of disease or danger.
  2. What is the protocol for acceptance? Each dog must pass a temperament test and have up-to-date vaccinations at a reputable facility.
  3. Is the institution bonded and covered by insurance? For a top-tier professional facility that stands behind their staff and services, this should never be an issue.
  4. Inquire about the discipline methods. Choose an institution that rewards good conduct rather than punishing bad.

Pay Attention to How Your Dog Acts

Take note of your dog’s behavior after he has visited daycare. Consider it a good sign if he comes home exhausted and pleased and gladly gets in the car each morning, and know that you can take care of your daily obligations while your dog enjoys himself.

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