Does My Dog Need a Fur Cut?

Does My Dog Need a Fur Cut Buffalo, NY Dog Groomers

Does My Dog Need a Fur Cut?

Does My Dog Need a Fur Cut Buffalo, NY Dog Groomers

Making sure your pet is happy and healthy requires regular and proper grooming. Many dog owners think about trimming their dog’s fur to prevent overheating, especially during hot weather. However, not all dog breeds need to have a fur cut. You can use this quick guide to determine whether your dog needs to have its fur clipped or not.

Does Your Dog Need a Fur Cut?

Hair Type Matters

Dogs can cool off by perspiring via their paw pads and mouths rather than their skin like humans can. So, contrary to what we may believe, shaving off their fur doesn’t necessarily aid in temperature regulation. Dogs also have a wide variety of fur kinds. It can have two layers and be long, short, curly, silky, soft, or coarse.

Some dog breeds have only two layers to their coats: an exterior, thicker layer and an undercoat, which is made up of finer hair and is only visible if the outer layer is lifted. This undercoat aids in generating an air pocket through the coat, which the dog uses as a natural defense against inclement weather.

Which Breeds Need to Have Their Fur Cut?

You shouldn’t trim your dog’s fur if it has this under-layer because doing so would essentially remove the pup’s natural defense against the heat. It may cause problems for the dog because the undercoat isn’t designed to be exposed on the outside.

The following breeds have this undercoat:

  • German shepherds, mastiffs, or border collies are examples of herding dogs;
  • Hunting breeds like dachshunds or labrador retrievers;
  • Arctic breeds, such as huskies;
  • No matter how much they resemble the breed, mixes of these layers will inherit the undercoat.

So, you may examine your dog’s fur more closely to see whether it needs to be clipped. If there are microscopic hairs there, your dog has an undercoat, thus you shouldn’t cut their fur.

What About Shaving?

Shaving the dog’s fur is a common grooming technique, which involves cutting the fur much closer to the skin than when cutting. Bear in mind that the dog’s fur also protects its skin from the sun, so entirely shaving it could leave the dog’s skin exposed, which can lead to skin burns.

Whether their dog has a single or double layer of fur, these choices might be bewildering for many dog owners. The best course of action is to speak with a veterinarian or a qualified dog groomer to determine what’s best for the dog. In some instances, a thorough brushing of the fur is sufficient to ensure that it is healthy.

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